This is a catalogue of teaching materials which enable classroom discussions about gender inequality. They are suitable for various ages. Feel free to suggest resources that should be on this page, including lesson plans you have developed.

The Miss G Project
Explore the excellent lesson plans, discussion starting points and resources collected by this ground-breaking Canadian project.

Girl Power and Feminism in Schools
Renowned academic Emma Renold has produced a powerpoint presentation you can download for use in the classroom.

The legacy of ten years’ work, this charity produced lesson plans, a DVD and an interactive website geared towards a whole school approach to tackling sexual bullying.

This organization has produced interactive DVDs addressing gender and race inequality with an emphasis on occupational segregation.

Guardian Teacher Network
Resources addressing the ‘Big Picture on Sex and Gender’ created for Citizenship or Science lessons for pupils aged 16-18.

Amnesty International
A lesson plan on trafficking and an activity pack on Violence Against Women.

Killing Us Softly
A long-running series of films by Jean Kilbourne addressing the public health impact of gender stereotyping in advertising and visual culture. You can preview the 2010 version as a playlist on the Project’s YouTube channel.

Feminist Frequency
Anita Sarkeesian’s ongoing series of commentaries on pop culture are suitable for all ages. You can watch her insightful vlogs on YouTube here. She has compiled a great learning resources page here.

The Purity Myth
You can watch this documentary about the US Christian evangelical “virginity movement” on Jessica Valenti’s blog.

Miss Representation
A recent film about gender inequality in pop culture which is causing a buzz. Watch the trailer on YouTubehere and – if you’re in the US – download the film from iTunes here. UPDATE: this project has made a set of teaching resources available here.

It’s a Girl
A documentary about the 200 million females “missing” from the world as a consequence of gendercide in India, China and elsewhere. The creators have developed a classroom version for all ages, available here.

Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation
Jennifer Lee promotes teaching young women and girls about second wave feminism. She has made a film, from which clips can be viewed here. You can purchase it on DVD here.

Rosa for International Women’s Day 2014
Rosa have produced a powerpoint presentation for International Women’s Day. Download it here: Rosa IWD lesson plan 2014.