Act Now

Act Now

To get involved in The Astell Project’s campaign and community, simply share and represent.


The Astell Project is starting to develop a bank of teaching resources where educators, parents and activists can share Women & Gender Studies lesson plans, useful books and media, examples of success, revisions and critical interpretations of existing school curricula and materials across all subject areas.

Suggest materials for the archive via the Contact page. Share any links on your social networks. Consider donating a Tweet per day. Follow this blog for project updates and share or critique them.


Sign the e-petition for the Government Equalities Office to alert them to their legal obligations under the Equality Duty. Be a campaigner at national or local level. Both are critical to the success of this campaign. Use the wording of this petition as a basis for your own petition for your local Edu-chain, Local Authority or schools.

Use these template letters to write to the Department for Education, Edu-chains, your Local Authority, MP and headteachers asking what they are doing to promote substantive equality in their schools, and to recommend urgent action.

Edu-chain Pro-forma Letter

Headteacher Pro-forma Letter

Local Authority Pro-forma Letter

MP Pro-forma Letter